Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Roped in to helping the Fundraising Committee...

OK, so I eluded in an earlier post that the Fundraising Committee may be able to use my services, and that of my Gypsy...  how you may ask??  Well, to really reach out to our small school community, and get them amped up for a fantabulous Fundraising BBQ, we need some great signage, right?  Enter the Gypsy, with some A3 paper on my 24x12 Expression Cutting mat, and some Cricut Markers and Cri-Kits gel pens - voila!  (Too many different font cartridges used to name them all!)

We then photocopied this, double-sided, and had the students colour it in to take home and put on their fridges.  We also used additional coloured-in copies to put around the local area in shops, etc, to drum up more interest.

Also occurring around the school at the same time was the annual Disco night, and so an additional poster was required... (using the Hannah Montana cartridge)
My Gypsy and markers were kept very busy in the lead-up to the Fundraising BBQ, as laminated signs for each stall were required.  Here are just a few...

There were many parents up many nights colouring these ones in, prior to laminating.  There's even a bit of Kindyglitz (similar to Stickles) on each of them for a bit of pizazz!
It was a fantastic night (apart from a thunderstorm that forced the whole event indoors!)

We were only just scratching the surface of what we could now achieve with this little marvel called a Gypsy...



Hi Deb, these look awesome. What a great way to help out the school!

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