Wednesday, December 1, 2010

As promised - paperdolls at school

As I mentioned in my "I LOVE Paperdolls" post, I have been making 'occupation' paperdolls with my son's Grade 1/2 class at school.  The kids got so much out of it!  We used my Peachy Keen face stamps, chalks and gel pens to highlight all of the different dolls.  A few samples below:

The general idea was to use all the creative features behind each particular key on the Everyday Paper Doll cartridge (with a few specialised ones thrown in - the Cricut cartridges don't seem to have many AFL players and/or football ovals with goal posts - I did have to improvise!)  Then, each child could build a scene relevant to their paperdoll (having drawn an 'occupation' out of the hat).  As you can see, the doctor and nurse were combined, with the hospital in the background, air and ground ambulances arriving, etc.

Tye's Geelong Footballer
Jesse's Clown

My Gypsy made the whole process so much easier, as I was able to pre-cut my cardstock to suit the virtual mat on which the designs were prepared, and my Expression did the rest.

The Peachy Keen stamps were a huge hit, and my old set of chalks got a great workout too (time for some new ones...)

Next stop in the classroom will be Christmas-themed projects starting this Friday - however, I have also been busy with other  projects and there will be more posts to follow this evening, so stay (or become!) tuned!!

[I think I'm starting to get the hang of this blogging stuff!!]



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